Digital Safety Tips

Critical Safety Tips for the Digital Age

As we stand on the forefront of revolutionary innovation, we bear witness to technological growth at a rate the likes of which, the world has never seen. We are on a speeding bullet train, barreling towards new horizons; indeed the future is bright. While we are unquestionably fortunate to be taking the ride, every new development, presents a potential danger of which we must be cognizant. As we relish the convenience of the digital age we must also consider the risks as we reap the rewards of an unprecedented era- it’s a brave new world.

Computer technology has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives and as we continue to move forward, we see exponential growth occurring on a daily basis. We have social media that allows us to connect with a wider array of people than we ever could’ve imagined, we have GPS that can help us to accurately trek thousands of miles across our country, and we’ve traded in newspapers and weathermen for smartphones and widgets. In a world where telephones are used for just about everything EXCEPT making phone calls, it’s clear that we are forfeiting elements inherent to the essence of humanity in the name of progress. This new age has also ushered in with it, a new vulnerability; with your entire life accessible on a small LED screen, we enjoy a new form of convenience- but not without cost.

As we navigate our new virtual terrain, it is imperative that we take every measure possible to protect ourselves from a new generation of criminal- cyber criminals. For every technological advancement made, there are those that would find away in which to exploit it. In the digital space, it is important to take precautions to protect ones self from those malicious black-hats.

Two-Factor Authentication

It doesn’t require an expert opinion to know that by now, all electronic instruments through which you access social media, bank accounts, emails, and other personal information should be password protected. While the one-stop shop utility of modern electronic devices are practical, it also makes it a convenient method for those with ill intentions to abuse multiple facets of your life at one time. Though, password protection can’t guarantee you amnesty from cyber criminals, it will likely discourage their efforts and cause them to probe elsewhere for softer targets.

In addition to the preemptive security measures employed via password protection, it is also important to be wary of the personal information you make available online. In effort to further mitigate potential security risks, it is critical that you not send items such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers, and social security numbers among other vital pieces of information through unverified or unknown communications as they may be designed as a ruse used to steal your identity, steal money from you, or take advantage of you in any other number of ways.


Although the dawn of this digital era is bright, darkness still lurks in the shadows of the web and the onus is on us to take measures to ensure our own security.